The Exchange @ BLANK every weekend in May

The first one of our Portslade projects has been commissioned by HOUSE as part of Brighton Festival’s events and will take place at BLANK every weekend in May:


We think the time is right for FREE things:

FREE painting

FREE film

FREE knitting

Are You Ready for it?

All of Portslade has been declared an involuntary park.

The only currency valid here is skill (any skill) and the only place to redeem it is at THE EXCHANGE. Neither an exhibition nor a performance piece but a Pay-What-You-Earn-and-Sponsor-some-ART, artist run Cafe and a workshop the size of a building. Come and hang out at The Deer Feeding Station, take part in an Involuntary Fashion trail, make a giant Knitted Deer, record your own Sound Nugget, paint an Urban Hunting scene …

We aim to discover the hidden talents of Portslade by opening up our gallery and studio spaces to the community. Come and swap something YOU can do for something we can do. ‘No skill is too big or too small. Everything is a currency we can exchange…’

Participants include: Monica Crowe, Katie Blackwell & friends from The Goodwill Co-op at Emmaus, Mike Weatherley MP, Lorette Mackie of Portslade Community Forum, Parliament of Feathers Screen printers, Josie Jeffery of Seedfreedom, plus BLANK artists Libby Davy, Carolina Diaz, Rosie Holmes, Lorenza Ippolito, Romily Meredith; Chris Shaw-Hughes; Jo Shapland, Amy Smith, EvaWeaver and Tamsin Williams.

Blank artists will open their studios every weekend throughout May during The Exchange.

Full list of workshops and times will appear here soon. In the meantime tell us what YOU can do. Your skills will buy you a slot in the workshop of your choice!

WE ARE INTERESTED IN HEARING FROM YOU, WHAT CAN YOU OFFER IN EXCHANGE? Please go to facebook to register your workshop/event/skill sharing. Don’t be shy now…


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