THE EXCHANGE – list of FREE workshops now online

THE EXCHANGE – poster design by the wonderful

Parliament of Feathers

Involuntary Park has curated THE EXCHANGE at BLANK Gallery & Studios in Portslade. Take advantage of the FREE workshops on offer and swap them for something you can offer in return. Just browse the list, choose a workshop, put your name down on the list and come to BLANK to register your exchange. THE EXCHANGE is open every weekend in May from 11 to 5 at BLANK, 108 North Street, Portslade, BN411DG

FOR A LIST OF WORKSHOPS ON OFFER SO FAR, DATES AND TIMES PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK: List of Workshops at THE EXCHANGE . More workshops are being added every day, so please check back frequently for the most up-to-date information.

You can sign up for workshops on this online list but will need to register at BLANK Studios too on the day.

 How to ‘pay’ for a workshop at THE EXCHANGE:

Volunteering: Help in the cafe (manning the cafe, washing up, etc), invigilating the artists’ studios, etc

Performing: This one would be relevant to musicians, poets, theatre people, dancers, etc., to help animate the Deer Feeding Station cafe with short performances, interventions, readings, dances and more, sprinkled in liberally over the day – just let your imagination roam.

Facilitating a workshop, or giving a talk or demonstration: It can be anything from one-to-one to small or large groups, for whatever length of time you feel comfortable with. It doesn’t need to be ‘artistic’ – we welcome any skill that can be shared, particularly domestic or practical skills, special interests or knowledge from any field. Just run it by us and we’ll most likely say yes!

Or other: Contributing essential information or advice, donating or loaning us something we need, etc.

Money: You are more than welcome to make a donation as sponsorship for the project if you wish, but as a payment option we try to make it ‘the last resort’.

If you would like to offer a workshop or other skill at THE EXCHANGE, please first register your offer with us at , and on the day, we will give you an ANTLERCARD plus a stamp for each skill offered. You can then redeem each stamp for a workshop of your choice during THE EXCHANGE.