White Night Festival Brighton & Hove takes a year out in 2012

We’re very sad to hear that the fabulous city-wide White Night festival has been put on hold for 2012 due to funding cuts. This is a real shame, as the hugely successful and completely free all night arts festival had developed into a major cultural event and much loved date in Brighton’s busy arts calendar over the past 4 years, with thousands of people taking part. In 2011, it boasted over 70 separate events, and many Brighton artists and arts organisations [including your friendly Park Rangers here at Involuntary Park] dedicated a significant amount of their time and resources to make it all happen, creating extraordinary and inventive experiences and art works. However, the organisers at Brighton & Hove Arts and Creative Industries Commission say that they will take a year out to re-assess funding possibilities for the festival to take place in the future. Roll on White Night 2013!

Further information:
White Night website
Involuntary Park’s WN event in 2011