What Can We Do for Your Business?

Involuntary Park can offer businesses a range of in-depth consultation and learning strategies to help improve working practices.

We deliver consultation and training, based upon the creative process, to enhance and stimulate dialogue, discussion, innovation, listening, planning and focus. By applying the Involuntary Park philosophy to your company we can help you look at your day-to-day operation with new eyes and provide you with a platform for fresh ideas to be voiced and incorporated.

See what we did for BLB Surveyors in Brighton.

At the heart of our offer to business are three simple, but extraordinary tools:

The Table of Ideas
The Table of Ideas is a curated conversation that encourages the circulation and sharing of ideas; a public meal framed and contextualised as an art event. It is a transformatory environment designed to engage strangers and colleagues alike and a place where everyone meets on an equal footing.
The Table of Ideas can be used as a starting point to discover strategies for collaborative development within an organisation. Each event we produce is fully recorded and documented, so that extensive evaluation can take place. For more details, please read on.

The White Room
Inspired by both the “white box” aesthetic of the contemporary gallery and the “black box” of the studio theatre, The White Room is a home for experiential learning stripped of all equipment and furniture, save that which is absolutely necessary. The imagination of the participants then becomes the primary tool for learning in a unique and essential environment.

The Black Box
The Black Box is a small ‘room’ made of blackboard panels, installed in your business for a day. It is a space for staff to freely express their ideas and so provide valuable input to your management team. The Black Box is facilitated and managed by Involuntary Park artists to guide participants in the sharing and expression of feedback and experiences, to enhance and improve the operation and effectiveness of your organisation.

Please contact us for further details and to discuss ideas – we look forward to hearing from you!