Creative Consultancy


At the heart of our consultation approach is a process of skill transference between us and the communities we serve. We invite the public to become our co-researchers, involving them directly in our work – de-codifying public space through movement, observation and listening. We do this on location, wherever possible from a mobile base that is easily assembled and set up on site – The Deer Feeding Station. It is simultaneously a workshop, information point and spontaneous cafe. Drawing, painting, sound recording, movement, film and photography are some of the tools we provide for participants to take part in the research process, with every person’s comments being recorded and taken into account.

We engage with communities in an informal and captivating way; offering skills that enable people to see, hear and experience their own area with renewed sensitivity and openness. We aim to discover the strategic needs of an area and how regeneration, through the commissioning of Public Art, will be of relevance to that particular community. By empowering community participation in this way we can elicit informed opinions which will significantly improve the effectiveness of the consultation process.

The information we gather collectively is then organised and presented to the commissioner in the form of a multimedia report (sound, video, photographs, written document). If we are also engaged to produce a temporary or permanent art work, the report can directly inform the design of the final piece.

The art works that result from our Involuntary Park process aim to be self-sustaining and regenerating works, open-ended enough to encourage further community-led development and engagement.