1. We believe that the phrase PUBLIC ART contains its own precise definition. The word PUBLIC provides the context of the ART and the material of it; with the community acting both as producers and consumers of the work.
  2. We affirm that micro-projects can be grandiose in scope and ambition whilst using the minimum of resources.
  3. We place sustainability at the core our practice. Both in terms of energy consumption, and in the ethic of the imperceptible, embedded artwork.
  4. When Involuntary Park artists inhabit a space, we leave behind a legacy of our residency that can appear as hidden and ephemeral as the stories, places and individuals we mark. Embedded as traces in the landscape and community, these works question the very notion of public art, through their invisibility and humility.
  5. At Involuntary Park, we believe our main legacies are people and the collaborative experiences we create with them.